About us

Hi friends, I am Sharon D. Lachance from Jackson, MS. I work as an assistant manager with an automobile company called Chief Auto Parts. This is a highly responsible job that requires me to work hard and stretch myself behind the normal working hours. Cooking simply helps me to distress myself and whenever I get some time, I rush towards the kitchen. People around me say that I am a good cook and this further encouraged me to create a blog. I share my unique and delicious recipes with the audience. Besides, I enjoy going for long drives with my best buddies.

Blog creation

My friend once told me to share few of my recipes with her and this gave me an idea to write down my recipes and share them on internet. Blogging gave me a platform to share some of my recipes. Many people have come back with reliable comments and also appreciated my recipes. People who try out my dishes are very happy with the results and feedback that they receive from their friends and family.

Contact Me

So, if you have the same passion and looking for a platform that will help you share your delicious recipes with the audience, then contact me immediately. Look no further, check out my blog for additional details.