SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud hosting is the new thing in website hosting industry in current time. SiteGround being a comparatively newer company in business has got every necessary package, and all of these plans are equipped with all necessary features a web master requires – from entry level to expert. The web had been densely populated over the past couple decades and the webmasters can’t really rely on the regular sharer or dedicated servers only, and cloud storage happens to be the most effective web hosting solution for a better future.

siteground cloud hosting review

If you had been looking for a cloud hosting server to use, SiteGround currently is one of the best options out there.

What is Cloud Hosting in the first place?

Being a new concept, many people aren’t much familiar with the term ‘cloud servers’. The technology is much like cloud computing. Multiple computers all across the world connected to the internet act like one computer system. How is it different from the shared or dedicated servers? Vastly different, because in shared or dedicated hosting users are given only one server computer which is located at one physical location on earth. On the other hand, cloud computing is spread across the world, and there’s no specific physical location for a system.

Cloud Hosting Provides Greater Benefits

There are plenty of positive sides to cloud hosting services, especially the ones provided by SiteGround. Since there’s no ‘only one’ machine hosting a website on cloud servers, thus the website gets the highest possible quality of performance output; and it’s a guaranteed service on the SiteGround cloud servers. Because there are multiple resources contributing to the virtually same server setup, the resources like CPU and RAM space are always guaranteed. If a cloud server is ever about to run short of CPU and RAM, the website will instantaneously be switched to another nearest cloud server to keep the service output same. These all fatures can be avila with huge discount coupons:

Redundancy of data storage is guaranteed, so is the growth of websites hosted on SiteGround Cloud Servers. There’s lesser chances of complete failure, and SiteGround provides the offers all these services in a lower price tag.

SiteGround Cloud Server Plans

There are 4 cloud hosting server plans from SiteGround.

  • Entry: This server is intended for newbie webmasters, or for people who are moving on to cloud hosting for the first time and need to know the workarounds in here. The computer on Entry cloud servers have 3.0 GHz CPU, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 20 GB of HDD space and 5 TB monthly bandwidth for $60/month.
  • Business: 2 x 3.00 GHz CPU and 2 GB DDR3 RAM, with 40 GB HDD space and 2 TB monthly bandwidth at $80/month.
  • Business Plus: Under the Business Plus plan, users get 2x 3.0 GHz CPU with 3 GB RAM and 60 GB HDD space with 5 TB monthly bandwidth at $100/month.
  • Enterprise: There are 4 x 3.00 GHz CPUs under this plan with 4 GB DDR3 Ram and 80 GB HDD space with 5 TB monthly bandwidth at $140/month.


All the SiteGround web hosting plans are very well designed for different level of consumers, and the service output has never faced a complaint. Give SiteGround a try if you are considering a upgrade to Cloud servers.

Review of WP Engine Cloud Hosting Services

WP Engine is considered one of the best hosting server providers today. The services are hassle free and it’s almost impossible to hack into a WP engine hosted website. They have a 24/7 technical support team that is always available at your service which makes it very easy to resolve any issues with the website swiftly.

wp engine review

Benefits of WP Engine

A WP Engine hosted website is safe which makes it one of the most reliable hosting services available in the market today. Apart from this they also offer a daily back up for all the information and data you host, which can be used in case the site crashes or for future records. You can also find a few WP Engine coupon for 2016 that will get you discounts on this hosting service.

Why Choose WP Engine

There are a number of reasons why you should opt in for a WP Engine hosting service. Although the hosting service is higher in price as compared to a number of other hosting services available in the market, the services that WP Engine offers are tough to beat. Their uptime is a guaranteed 99.99% which is the highest in the market. When put to the test, a WP Engine was always available in comparison to all the other hosting service providers who had a problem with keeping websites up at all times.

More Traffic On WP Engine Websites

A website that’s hosted on a WP Engine is always guaranteed to have higher traffic in comparison to other website hosting servers. Although the services are higher priced, it helps small businesses grow and it gives them to potential to establish a name for themselves in the market. One of the main reasons a person hosts a website is to drive traffic to it.  Apart from small businesses, this hosting service is also the perfect choice for avid bloggers who like to voice their opinions.

Larger Businesses

As a business grows, the number of visitors on the website also increases. It is very essential for a hosting service provider to ensure the website doesn’t slow down due to high traffic and while most hosting service providers fail to meet this requirement, WP Engine manages to do this with ease. Websites hosted on WP Engine with a lot of traffic load just as fast as a website with no traffic on WP Engine. This is one of the main reasons why some of the leading brands in the market today prefer to host their websites with WP Engine.


WP Engine might be priced a little higher in comparison to other hosting servers, but for all that the hosting server has to offer, it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to establish a successful website in the market. They offer a user friendly panel which is maintenance free and enables any person with little or no knowledge of website design to come and create their website from scratch. They have an amazing uptime that ensures the website will work fine almost all the time and lastly, they have an amazing support team available whenever you want them.

Time to Embrace Green Hosting

Most people are not even aware of the incredible threats servers pose to the environment. As far as they are concerned, you pull up Google, search for something, collect the information you need and shut down the computer. But, as responsible citizens of the world, one needs to know the footprint of their browsing activity is leaving behind; how adversely it is affecting the very balance of the world we live in. today, our world is host to thousands of servers located in different parts of the world. Most of them work continuously and is powered by sources that are not always eco friendly. Added to this is the immense heat generated and released into the atmosphere, thereby aiding global warming. All this had made nature enthusiasts to muse for servers and web hosting services that are eco friendly. And thus, green web hosting was born.

Green Hosting

Green signifies an eco friendly process. By this logic, green hosting means a web host service provider that offers hosting services that are environment friendly. So how do they do it? How is their process different from the not-so-green web hosts? Let us find out.

There are primary two ways by which a web host can claim that they are offering ‘green hosting’ services.

  1. By switching to renewable energy sources from traditional power sources
  2. Purchasing Carbon Credits.

Both these options are with their own set of merits and demerits as you will see below

Switching to Renewable Energy Sources

Most datacenters across the world today are powered by conventional energy sources. Understandably, they produce a lot of greenhouse gases which in turn increases global warming. By switching to green energy sources like wind, solar, tidal or hydel power, they reduce their carbon footprints considerably. Technology related to clean energy production has increased considerably over the years making it a viable endeavor.

But the downside of this method is that the capital and operating costs associated with clean energy production is considerably higher than conventional sources. More often than not, companies are not willing to pass down this added cost to customers because they find it difficult to explain it to average customers. They end up losing customers, which is an unacceptable situation at any cost. Moreover, the power production from solar panels is considerably lower than that from conventional sources and requires much sophisticated infrastructure as well.

Although, this is a noble venture and we salute the pioneers in green web hosting, unless they make it more feasible for regular web hosts, it won’t find many takers in the long run.

Purchasing Carbon Credits

Now, this is an alternative most companies have preferred. Under this scheme, they can continue using their current power source from conventional energy. To offset the carbon footprint they leave behind, they can buy carbon credits in emission reduction projects. There are many such undertakings by governments and NGOs worldwide, thus allowing them to be a part of rejuvenating the very environment they harm.

So, the next time you consider hosting your website, you might want to check the color first!

Web Hosting and How It Works

In recent times, web hosting has become a highly common word. Anyone in the relevant would agree that they have heard the word at least a few times and many of them know the in depths of web hosting as well. However, not everyone knows and it’s not a sin as well. CMS Platforms has become really easy to reach and work on, such as WordPress and Joomla. These platforms are next to free! .com domains are mostly used and are available for roughly $8-$10 per year and web hosting with a hosting service like BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy etc. would cost around $10. These points sum up to one simple fact – everyone can now get their hands on website hosting.

Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

This is the title topic we are about to discuss. Since you have landed on this page we would expect that you want to know the details on web hosting and the process of it working. A web host is commonly a company that provides anyone with a server space online to put their website on it. Websites consist of contents such as text, audio, videos; graphics, animations etc. and all these require a place to be stored in. A company takes the responsibility for the storage and retrieval upon requirement and these companies are called web hosts.

All the files on a server would have to be linked together and also their retrieval has to be fast as well. That requires super-computers and very high interlinks as well.

There are certain differences between a web host and a data center. Web hosts are basically used to refer to companies that provide web hosting services and data center is their facility to provide this service.

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically divided into four types; they are shared, dedicated, virtual private servers and cloud hosting. Shared hosting services are mostly used by the hobbyist people and small scale businesses for their lower costs. The rest are used by different category of people, for different needs.

In shared hosting, many people share the same storage space and the same data bandwidth. As result, the service could get cranky when many users are online at the same time, the website might not even show up. If the bandwidth limit is exceeded then the website would not show up at during that time! On the other hand, dedicated sharing is completely opposite. Data storage space and bandwidth are all allocated for one single user so that the visitors always get constant bandwidth and bandwidth. Visit EasyWaytoHosting for more details.

VPSs are mostly like dedicated servers but they are actually sharing the server with few other users. The difference between this and shared hosting is, VPSs provide a core space and more secured ecosystem for each user.

Last but not the least; cloud hosting is a more convenient form of hosting. A group of servers are used to host multiple websites under the same group. When the traffic suddenly gets a spike, the other servers are occupied to handle the traffic.

How Web Hosting Works

So when a website address is typed into the address bar of a browser, the DNS forms connectivity between your computer and the correct server your browser is looking for. Once connected, the server will fetch the required files stored on it. And then those are displayed on your computer screen. It’s pretty easy and simple at the fundamentals level.


We tried highlighting the very basic aspects of web hosting and the way it works. If your computer literacy rests above the beginner stage you should understand what I tried to meant. Hope web hosting now gets clear to the readers; do let us know!