How to know if Your Web Hosting Provider is Reliable

Costly web hosting service doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be the best. Every business needs to run smooth ensuring that a customer never raises an eyebrow to any fault of yours. Since websites have become an essential part for any business, chances are you already have one for your business. Now, you are spending money for your web hosting service every month and that’s sort of a remarkable amount. How do you know your web hosting provider is reliable enough to keep your business running smooth like we mentioned here?

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There are few technical aspects to judge. Also, know what to expect from a website hosting provider. Chances are, you are blaming your web host for something they have never done. Following are the steps to assess how reliable a web host is going to be for you.

Geographic Location of your Web Hosting

Depending on where your website visitor lies, choose the web host server wisely. If you sign up for a US based web hosting service then it will definitely take slightly longer than usual from another country some hundred miles away. And if the website visitor has a slower internet connection the website loading time will extend even further. Since for most businesses local consumer base is the target selling group, sign up for a local host. This makes the website loading process smooth and fast.

Availability of Technical Support

A reliable web hosting provider will always be up for helping you, no matter what day or what time that is. Humble behavior is another important aspect for them to have. However, for lower priced contracts between you and the web host, there might be limited or no customer service at all. But in general, all web host providers maintain a schedule for hotline based customer service, and for higher priced packs there might be 24/7 support.

Backup Plans

The data centers can burn down, tornadoes can rip apart the fiber optics, or hard drives where your web contents are stored can crash. Anything could happen anytime, if ever a situation takes place that might require some backup strategies, is your web host up for that? Before you sign up for a web hosting service, assess their backup plans. There should be several backup locations so that if your data is ever lost, you can still retrieve them. Indeed a sign of a reliable web host!

Fast Loading of Websites

It’s an important matter to consider. Your web host should provide sufficient bandwidth and have an internet connection with lowest possible ping. The faster the websites load, the better the impression would be. Hosts with fast loading websites are the ones to go for. Usually, if a shared web host allots more subscribers on single servers than it is possible, the websites will load slower. Even though website contents matter for this point, but still ask other people using the same web host to know.


For the best web hosts out there, money is no problem. But judge if the pricing plan is really worth their service. Don’t expect the best web hosting service for $2 a month; also don’t pay $20/month for a web hosting service that’s offline most times of the month. Justify the price and service ratio and do a self-assessment if it is okay.


Reliable web hosting services would easily pass the points we have mentioned here. If you are tight on budget and really need to be a lot selective, then the easy way to know is finding the answers to above questions is asking the existing clients. Most web hosts post their client list on their website which could help.

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